Business Quickstart for the End-of-Life Professional

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Business Quickstart for the End-of-Life Professional

As you may already know,¬†Certified CareDoula¬ģ is¬†the¬†online program for¬†intentional people who want to pull together all of their skills, interests and experience and leave behind any confusion, overwhelm and self-doubt. They want to move into radical groundedness, confidence in the 'right things'¬†and step over the threshold of their living room door into their actually jump in! they can manifest their dream of a soul-deep connection with the work they know they are supposed to do in this world and help people in their community and circles of influence... without playing small. 

But, until now, only those who had the time and money to be in my full signature online program¬†could benefit from the tools inside¬†Certified CareDoula¬ģ.

Well, here's the GOOD NEWS: 

I figured out a way to distill the business aspects down to ONLY the absolute, must-have essentials, while making it both easier AND more affordable. 

Do I still believe the full Certified CareDoula¬ģ Signature program is the absolute best value for a complete life and service transformation? Yes, of course, I do!

But, not everyone needs the full program nor have the resources, time, or energy for such an intensive, immersive program (or at least not right now)...Sometimes all you need is guidance to build your dream.

So, I put together the quickest, easiest, version of the program possible (while still including tons of value in a format that CAN still get you results. And it's an EXCELLENT way to test the waters.  

Introducing‚ÄĒBusiness QuickStart for the End-of-Life Professional.

ūüíĖKEY Lessons:¬†CareDoula Full¬†End-of-Life Practice Framework.¬†delivered in its own professional development module,¬†which will give you clarity on what you want to offer, what you¬†don't¬†want to offer, and how to¬†untangle yourself when you are confused. It¬†takes you, step-by-step, from 'analysis paralysis,'¬†overwhelm, and self-doubt to¬† groundedness,¬†so you can manifest a¬†soul-deep connection with your purpose,¬†and develop that end-of-life companion practice NOW!

ūüíĖMake End-of-Life Planning (the most intimate kind--at the bedside) the Heart of Your Business.¬†

Use our extensive Pre-Death and Post-Death Vigil Checklist Sheets with your clients and help them create an experience where they may have more control where they can. You can create an entire business using these 2 Checklists alone! 

ūüíĖ"Narrow Your Practice" Tool. This is what stumps most people when they are developing their practice--how do they pull it all together? What do you focus upon? How do you know what to include and what not to? So many people are very talented and could offer many things. Just how do you choose? This tool will get you clear!

ūüíĖPrimer: Death Doula Training | A timeless classic Masterclass series.¬†30 Video Lessons.¬†Deanna created a powerful series that every serious person who wants to serve professionally should know. Each day is¬†devoted to a key component of your service, no matter what you are offering. Intentionally work each aspect into your service. This is the only place where this Primer is available currently.

ūüíĖ2 Business Calculators (proprietary).¬†You will use these¬†constantly as you assess your business and make adjustments. Session Rate Calculator- to help¬†figure out your session rates and adjust them over time¬†and the Cost of Doing Business Calculator -¬†so you know EXACTLY how much time, energy and money you are spending in your companion practice.

ūüíĖFull Training¬†For Your Phone/Zoom Service.¬†How would you like a complete training and guide of what to do, how to structure and how to begin and end each phone and/or zoom session? Video training, instruction pdfs and worksheets for you to use as you consult.¬†

ūüíĖLifetime Access¬†to¬†the program materials so you can move at your own pace, and¬†create a¬†lasting end-of-life practice¬†that¬†will fulfill your desire to give back to your community over your lifetime.

Brand New (Insane Value) Bonus.


Because I want to give our beautiful community every chance at success, I am currently including another special FREE bonus when you join right now. (I can't guarantee how long I will be making this bonus available for free.)

BONUS: 5-Day Doula Bootcamp

Get replay access to an all-out professional development workshop (LIVE) walking you through the "S-A-E" It Like It Is System: Structure, Awareness and Education ... Get your pen and paper out and take good notes through this entire 9+ hours series as we hammer out the details of a professional practice ($297 retail value). Find the gaps in your service ideas that are preventing you from supporting others and fix them!

"All I knew before I began Deanna's programs was that I felt an intense yearning to be of service at the end of life. I had very little experience in this realm and wasn't even clear what this work looked like. Deanna saw my earnest desire and welcomed me into what has become deep and meaningful work. Being mentored by Deanna has been a life-changing gift! I watched my skills and intuition in this work, grow, deepen and flower. Serving my community as a death doula and grief coach I see how those of us working at the threshold are shaping our collective experiences with death and grief. Deanna is a fierce and loving warrior in this cause and I am honored to be with her on the path."
- Simon F.
"I recently retained Deanna to provide some professional guidance for me regarding my thoughts on moving forward toward developing my own business. I have a broad background, but lack the many varied seemingly qualifying letters such as RN, PhD, LLC, etc. I trust Deanna and was immediately heartened when she said 'Sarah, no more qualification is needed. Your credentials and experience are enough!' Within our hour together, she helped me to narrow down and focus on the viable business paths I have to pick from, but which I was unable to see and arrive at on my own. I highly recommend anyone who is in need of professional guidance to retain Deanna. My money and time was wisely invested in Deanna and I will continue to work with her as I further develop my business and services."
- Sarah L.
"I like the teleconferences and stories from personal experience, all the well researched reading material, and Deanna's coaching and 'pep talks'. I think the Accompanying the Dying course is very well organized...and even though it's a LOT reading, at least I have all the links at hand when I want to go back and reread them later. Some I've only been able to skim thru now, with the intention of going back over them. It's a much wider body of info than I first imagined. And there's so much to think about. This course has certainly raised my awareness...and I thought I already knew a lot! Thanks to visionaries like yourself, I think our culture is finally dealing increasingly better with the many death and dying concerns."
- Kathryn W. 

Is it your time now?

Your desires and needs matter, too. You've done what you were supposed to do, took care of what you were supposed to take care of and now it can be YOUR time to invest in your own passions.

You deserve that! 

Yes! It's MY time. Sign me Up Now!

Be a Part of a Worldwide Phenomenon

Join an energetic community of 1000s of kindred spirits around the world on the same path as you. You are now contributing to your circles of influence and they in turn will continue to use the skills you showed them and love others through dying, and it goes on and on.   

1000's of People Served Since 2005.

"I have felt the ability and strength to do this work most of my adult life but now, after taking this beautifully designed course, I know I was made to do it. I’ve had the tools the whole time, but your experience and direction has offered a structure to put all the technical details in order. I’ve mentioned before that I am not a technical person so this course has helped me tremendously. I feel I have a foundation to build upon now rather than standing in a murky pond knowing what I need lies beneath the surface but not able to see it. It’s so much clearer now. It gives me great comfort knowing I have the section material and my responses at my finger tips for reference to easily and often refresh myself."
- Sara W. 
"I love how this course integrates the medical, the alternative, the compassion-based, the intuitive, and the spiritual sources. I have loved the readings…and the other resources. The case studies…have given me more "experience," even though it is not on-site. Of course, what is underscored is the uniqueness and preciousness of each individual. Everyone is distinct, but there are still general guidelines I can follow when being with/accompanying a patient and his/her caregiver(s)…I love the thoroughness/rigor of the program." 
- Lee F. W. 
"I think your authenticity and transparency is invaluable as a leader. You are so available to us “students” whenever we need you and that says oodles about YOU. You are truly here on earth to serve. I can feel you and I see you.  Working with you has helped me to align myself with that feels right to me in this work. You confirmed in me what my passions and gifts are. Getting validation from someone with your knowledge and experience in this field has changed me forever. I truly mean that. I didn’t know being a “Death Doula” was even a thing. I now know 100% what my purpose is. Thank you for all of your time and the energy you put into this program. You are changing lives."
- Tiffany Anne R.
“This time with you has really helped me appreciate where I am as a Doula…Time to make a new vision board to reflect my growing income and client base.  I’m on fire because you lit it.  I feel empowered, inspired, and ready to go!! Thank you, thank you!…Deanna, you are a creator, business developer, master-minder, saleswoman, coach, trainer, Doula, mentor, manifestor and more! Super talented!...”
- Esther M.
"I was uncertain if I was able to take on such a task. Your class gave me the tools I needed to serve the dying, and the confidence to be able to serve. Starting a business is a bit scary but I am now confident I can succeed. Working with you has been a pure joy! It has truly changed my life."
- Burneace D. 
"My life is so naturally flowing and completely full right now. Thank you for your guidance through this new birth of my path.  The most important part of your course for me has been the self care part. If I hadn't done that work, I would be spreading myself quite thin now. I am a recovering 'Yes' person, and although sometimes I feel like I should be helping more people, I feel really good and energized when I wake up in the morning."
- Janet M. 

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Please understand, I take this on and off the market as I need to pace admissions and is normally only offered on a phone call with one of our coaches or me...

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Please, just do me (and yourSELF) one big favor--

Commit to setting some time aside to do it. You must put in the energy to make it work. Being with families comes natural I know; it's this part (the creating) that will require some effort. Are you up for it?

Yes, I'm Ready Now! I'll Do What it Takes! I Deserve This.

Create Your Practice Now (Regular Tuition: $1497)

Meet Your Course Creator & Guide

Deanna Cochran, RN, Creator of the Premier End-of-Life Doula Certificate Program in the U.S. (2010)

It is Deanna's highest honor serving the dying and their families since 2000. As a Palliative Consultant, Community Educator, and End-of-Life Doula since 2005, she is in the forefront of educating families, advocates, hospices, and palliative care organizations about this new role around the globe.

As a founding member and 1st Vice President of the National End-of-Life Doula Alliance, her decades-long vision of unity within our grassroots movement began to manifest. Her one phone call to the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO)--the oldest and largest hospice trade organization--resulted in an invitation to doulas for a special council, for the purpose of educating over 6,000+ member hospices and palliative care organizations about utilizing doulas. She also led the NHPCO End-of-Life Doula Advisory Council‚Äôs first project, ‚ÄėDoula Grief Support,‚Äô in response to the pandemic in 2020, giving one-to-one support to people affected by the pandemic.

Many years in the making, her #1 Amazon bestselling book, ‚ÄúAccompanying the Dying: Practical Heart-Centered Wisdom for End-of-Life Doulas and Healthcare Advocates,‚ÄĚ guides¬†advocates and practitioners through the advanced illness time period, dying, death and through early bereavement. And Certified CareDoula is the first End-of-Life Doula Certificate Program to be taught within a Masters Degree Program within RESPECT Graduate¬† School for Chaplaincy (CPE).

Our CareDoula¬ģ Programs¬†support our free education and our dedication to ensure people have equal access to the information and guidance to care for each other through dying. Know that your study with CareDoula¬ģ supports dying well all around the world. And, you will also learn to serve others in 'The CareDoula Way.'